Question: Where is a good place for a single woman to live?

Where should I move if I am single?

The best places for singles to live in 2021-2022 in the U.S. are:Lakeland, Florida.Tallahassee, Florida.Orlando, Florida.Pensacola, Florida.Eugene, Oregon.Port St. Lucie, Florida.Austin, Texas.Boulder, Colorado.More items •8 Sep 2021

Where should I move to as a single woman?

Best Cities for Young ProfessionalsSan Francisco.Portland, OR.San Diego, CA.Boston.Washington D.C.Denver.Seattle.Los Angeles.More items •18 May 2020

What is the best state for a single woman to live in?

Main FindingsOverall RankStateDating Opportunities1Florida12Texas53Pennsylvania84Wisconsin446 more rows•1 Feb 2021

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