Question: How do u check ur MMR?

There is no official way to see your MMR in LoL. For now you can only guess a certain range by keeping an eye on the LP distribution after ranked games. Some websites offer a service that gives out a general idea for players.

Does dodging affect MMR LoL?

More from Blog of Legends Dodges dont affect your MMR, and therefore dont affect your LP gains. So you lose some LP in the short term to avoid a (likely) heavy LP loss later.

How do I find my Valorant rank?

Instead of Episode 1s arrows, Valorant Rank Rating is now shown on a progress bar which shows your proximity to the next rank. You can earn Valorant RR by playing matches, the majority of which comes from winning or losing. You will always gain Rank Rating in a win, and always lose Rank Rating in a loss.

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