Question: Is it good to date a paisa man in Colombia?

Paisa men are passionate and known for being promiscuous, so its best to not have expectations of loyalty and to take the opportunity to also date other people. The bottom line is that dating a Colombian man is great fun and one of the best ways to integrate with the local society.

Why do Colombians say paisa?

In case you didnt already know a Paisa is anyone who is from the Antioquia region of Colombia. The word paisa derives from “Paisano” which means a person from the same country. Paisas have a very strong culture that is impossible to ignore.

Is Colombia cheap or expensive?

You dont need to do a lot to save money in Colombia. Its relatively cheap to visit, and there are a lot of good deals throughout the country.

How do people in Colombia say hello?

The common verbal greeting is “Buenos dias” (Good day), “Buenas tardes” (good afternoon) or “Buenas noches” (good evening/night) depending on the time of day. The formal title to greet people with is señor (mister) for men and señora (missus) for women.

Where do Colombians get their accent?

Last but not least, the Colombian Pacific coast, with its heavy African influence and extreme isolation, has developed a unique accent that borrows heavily from its ancestry in intonation and rhythms.

Which Spanish accent is the best?

In general discussion, best usually means an accent that is clearly spoken, with proper annunciation, and easily understood across the Spanish-speaking world. Some people claim that for these reasons Colombia has the best Spanish accent. Others say that Peru and Ecuador have the best Spanish accent.

What type of accent do Colombians have?

Perhaps one of the best-known Colombian accents, paisa is heard throughout much of the coffee-growing region including Antioquia, Risaralda, Quindío and Caldas. One of its most distinctive features is the phrasal intonation that drags out the end of a sentence in a most peculiar tonal rise and fall.

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