Question: What does the blue dot on Kik mean?

For the most part, a blue dot on a chat thread means it has an unread message. Having that blue dot on every single new thread of every new friend that just got added increases the cognitive load.

What does a blue dot symbolize?

If blue dots are appearing beside your app names when you dont expect it, that means you have automatic app updates enabled on your iPhone or iPad. The blue dots will also appear when youre manually updating an app through the App Store.

What does the blue dot on your story mean?

A blue dot next to viewers on a Facebook story. The blue dot next to Facebook story viewer represents a new view(s) since you last checked the views for that particular story. It is an interesting way to notify users who all people recently saw their story.

How many bots does Kik have?

20,000 bots And you wouldnt know it by visiting the Bot Shop, but more than 20,000 bots have been made for the Kik platform.

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