Question: Can someone with cerebral palsy have a baby?

Currently, no scientific evidence suggests that people with cerebral palsy cant have children of their own. In fact, numerous people all over the world with cerebral palsy have successfully given birth to healthy children.

Can cerebral palsy be passed on?

While Cerebral Palsy is not a hereditary condition, researchers have discovered that hereditary factors can predispose an individual to Cerebral Palsy. Although a specific genetic disorder does not directly cause Cerebral Palsy, genetic influences can cause small effects on many genes.

Can you have two children with cerebral palsy?

The recurrence of cerebral palsy in the same family is uncommon. We, however, report on two families with two or more affected siblings. In both families, numerous potential risk factors were identified including environmental, obstetric, and possible maternal effects.

Can you have a normal life with cerebral palsy?

Fortunately, CP is not thought to impact life expectancy. Adults with CP have a life expectancy comparable to that of the general population. While a cerebral palsy diagnosis may come as a surprise to parents, this condition can be managed with proper treatment and continued care.

Who is most at risk for cerebral palsy?

Infants born preterm (defined as before 37 weeks of pregnancy) and infants who weigh less than 5.5 pounds at birth are at greater risk of cerebral palsy than are early term (defined as 37 weeks to 38 weeks of pregnancy) and full-term (defined as 39 weeks to 40 weeks of pregnancy) infants and those who are heavier at

Can you talk if you have cerebral palsy?

If CP affects the part of the brain that controls speech, a person with CP might have trouble talking clearly or not be able to speak at all. Some people with CP also have learning disabilities or behavior problems, though many dont have these issues.

Does everyone with cerebral palsy end up in a wheelchair?

Children with Cerebral Palsy can never learn to walk. Its true that some children with CP will always need to rely on mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or walkers, to get around. However, this is by no means the norm. In fact, over half of people with CP do not require mobility aids at all.

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