Question: When did Fenton Glass start using paper labels?

Fenton Marks: The Fenton in an oval logo was first used on Carnival Glass in 1970. The next line to be marked was Hobnail in 1972-1973. By 1975 the logo had been added to all Fenton items.

When did Fenton use paper labels?

Prior to 1970, Fenton adhered paper labels to most of its merchandise; unfortunately, they were easily removed and in many cases, have been lost. However, they did continue to use paper labels beyone 1970 on some products.

When did Fenton start making glass?

1905 Turning Glass into Fine Art Since 1905 Fenton Art Glass was founded in 1905 by brothers Frank L. and John W. Fenton. They began their business In Martins Ferry, Ohio, by painting decorations on glassware made by nearby manufacturers.

When was Fenton Silver Crest made?

Colors and combinationsNameYears ProducedDescriptionAqua Crest1940-42, 48-53Milk Glass with a blue edge.Black Rose1953-54Peach Blow with a black edge.Blue Ridge1939French Opalescent with a blue edge.Crystal Crest1942Milk glass with a double row of crystal and white glass.5 more rows

What does Silver Crest mean?

a a brilliant or light greyish-white colour. b (as adj.) silver hair.

Was Fenton glass Made in Taiwan?

It is not surprising that Carnival Glass is being made in China - the glassmaking skills are undoubtedly present in that country, and indeed Fenton Art Glass had glass made in China and marketed it under the Fenton International label.

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