Question: How did they find out Dan was Gossip Girl?

Dan reveals at the end of the series that he was Gossip Girl from the beginning for a way for him to win Serena by writing himself into the Upper East Side, a task he succeeded in by the end of the series. In the finale, Dan and Serena get married, surrounded by friends and family.

How do we find out Dan is Gossip Girl?

In the series finale, New York, I Love You XOXO, Dan reveals that he was Gossip Girl all along. He reasons that he did so in an attempt to write himself into the world of the Upper East Side. After he explains everything, he confesses that Gossip Girl is now dead and they can all move on with their lives.

Did Dan being Gossip Girl make sense?

Lets be real, we could argue about specifics all day long, but at the end of the day, Dan made the most sense as Gossip Girl. Since the beginning of the series, all he wanted was to get close to Serena, and Gossip Girl allowed him to do just that. Serena was Gossip Girls first blast.

Does Jenny know Dan is Gossip Girl?

In the final episode of the series, it is revealed that Jenny knew that her brother, Dan Humphrey, was the mysterious blogger behind Gossip Girl. She returns to the Upper East Side, appearing in the five-year time jump for her brothers wedding to Serena van der Woodsen.

Did they always plan for Dan to be Gossip Girl?

But as it turns out, Joshua Safran, a writer and producer from the original show, revealed exactly which character was originally meant to be in Dans shoes as Gossip Girl. He admitted that it was never meant to be Dan, but rather Nate Archibald who ran the notorious blog detailing the secrets of Manhattans elite.

Who is Gossip Girl at the end?

Eventually, after the main couples of the show — Chuck with Blair and Dan with Serena, respectively — have happily paired off, the series finally reveals the identity of Gossip Girl: Dan Humphrey, who wrote his way into the lives of the popular kids who always ignored him at their elite, expensive high school.

Did Gossip Girl get Cancelled?

9/10/21 update: Gossip Girl has been renewed.

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