Question: Is Blizzard done with Heroes of the Storm?

On December 13, 2018, Blizzard announced that some developers from Heroes of the Storm would be moving to other projects, and that the game would be transitioning to a long-term support phase. Blizzard also announced the cancellation of their esports tournaments, Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm.

Is Heroes of the Storm discontinued?

Blizzard Entertainment announced that it is scaling back its support for Heroes of the Storm. It is canceling the Heroes of the Storm and Heroes of the Dorm esports events in 2019, and it is also shifting some developers off the ongoing game, according to a blog post.

Why did Blizzard stop Heroes of the Storm?

On Thursday, the company announced that it would officially stop sponsoring the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm in 2019. Blizzards move away from HOTS esports comes as part of a broader organizational shakeup. Blizzard is shifting developers off of HOTS and into other games.

Will Heroes of the Storm go mobile?

Heroes of the Storm, much like other MOBA games, is fully supported by Remotr. Heroes of the Storm is easy to handle on mobile touch screens and streaming on a mobile, whether a phone or a tablet is very smooth.

Is Hero of the Storm free?

Heroes of the Storm is free-to-play, based on freemium business model, and is supported by micropayments using three in-game currencies: Gems, Gold, and Shards.

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