Question: Who is Ambers boyfriend?

Amber Portwood exclusively tells In Touch she and her long-distance boyfriend, Dimitri Garcia, are “dating” despite not seeing each other in nearly a year.

Who is Ambers first boyfriend?

Who is Amber Portwoods ex-boyfriend, Dimitri Garcia? Amber Portwood is reportedly dating Belgium native Dimitri Garcia. The two have been involved in a long distance relationship for nearly a year and began dating after her split from baby daddy Andrew Glennon in July.

What happened to Ambers boyfriend Matt?

Amber and Matt appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, which aired in 2018, in an attempt to salvage their relationship, but the pair ultimately split. Matt moved out of their Indiana home and moved to Las Vegas, where he currently lives today.

Are Cheyenne and Matt still dating?

They ultimately split during the filming of Season 8, though it was after Matt moved to the Southern California area to be closer to Cheyenne. While the details of their breakup did play out on the show, the couple broke up in the summer of 2019.

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