Question: What happened to Julia in gold digger?

Julia has insisted that she and Benjamin spend the night before the wedding apart as tradition demands, but in the morning she has disappeared. Shes gone to meet her ex-husband Ted, and weve since learned how very bad that traumatic night was for the children, particularly for Della.

How many seasons does gold digger have?

Gold Digger (TV series)Gold DiggerNo. of series1No. of episodes6ProductionExecutive producersGuy de Glanville Marnie Dickens Sally Haynes Elizabeth Kilgarriff Laura Mackie13 more rows

How old is Julia Ormond now?

56 years (January 4, 1965) Julia Ormond/Age Born January 4, 1965, Julia Karin Ormond is an English actress from Epsom, Surrey. The 54-year-old is the daughter of a laboratory technician and a computer software designer.

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