Question: How do I use my Ooma phone?

How do I set up Ooma phone service?

Use the Ethernet cable included in the box to connect the TO INTERNET port on your Base Station to an open Ethernet port on your router. Then, use your phone cord to plug your analog phone or cordless base unit into the PHONE port on the Base Station. Finally, use the included AC adapter to plug in the POWER port.

How do I turn on my Ooma Telo?

Begin by activating your Ooma Telo device online. Locate the seven-digit activation code printed on the bottom of the Telo. The activation wizard will guide you through the process. Youll receive an email confirmation once your device is activated.

How do I get started with Ooma?

During activation, youll choose your phone number, set up your 911 service, and create your My Ooma account. The process generally only takes 5-10 minutes, so when youre ready to begin just grab your Ooma device and visit the activation page at

Does Ooma Telo work with WIFI?

Yes! Once your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you plug any device into the HOME NETWORK port and it will have access to the Internet connection through the wireless adapter.

Does Ooma charge an activation fee?

There is NO activation fee once you have your device. There is no fee to re-activate a used Ooma Telo.

Does OOMA work with any phone?

Ooma will work with any home phone, corded or cordless. Just plug the cordless phone base station into your Ooma system and enjoy free calling on all of your handsets.

How do I set up Ooma WIFI?

0:051:10Ooma Telo Wireless Adapter Installation - YouTubeYouTube

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