Question: How do you ask where your relationship stands?

When should you ask a man where you stand?

If you are having fun with this guy, and he treats you well, ask yourself why youre so keen to find out where you stand. Relationship coach Terri Trespicio advises that you wait until youve been seeing each other for at least three months before you have that conversation.

Is it okay to ask a guy where we stand?

When not to ask. If youve been constantly investing your time and energy in a guy, you absolutely have the right to ask where you stand. But its also important to know when to put the phone down, chill the hell out and just live your life. While its still green, just let nature take its course.

How do you ask a guy where the relationship is going without freaking him out?

Here are his top seven tips.Dont Lead With “We Need To Talk” Focus On Dialogue, Rather Than Demands. Tell Them What Youre Looking For In A Relationship. Ask Them What Theyre Looking For In A Relationship. Be Specific About What You Want And Need. Share Your Proposed Timeline.More items •Oct 13, 2016

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