Question: When did the Minton factory close?

Where is the Minton pottery factory?

Stoke-upon-Trent Minton ware, cream-coloured and blue-printed earthenware maiolica, bone china, and Parian porcelain produced at a factory founded in 1793 in Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, Eng., by Thomas Minton, who popularized the famous so-called Willow pattern.

What are Minton floor tiles?

The Minton name has also been associated with fine ceramic and encaustic floor tile since the early 1800s. Encaustic floor tile was a prominent feature in Victorian architecture, both residential and commercial, typically depicting a very stylistic and geometric pattern against a colored background.

Is Coalport Pottery worth anything?

The early Coalport porcelain wares are mostly unmarked. Porcelain wares bearing a red painted COALBROOKDALE mark in upper case are extremely rare and highly collectible. c1810 to 1825, rare examples of Coalport porcelain is marked in underglaze blue, Coalbrookdale, CD or C.

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