Question: What should I do with my girlfriend in college?

How can I make my college relationship last?

Here are a few ways to help strengthen your college relationship to ensure you stay together long after your cap and gown are tucked away.Study together. Giphy. Respect each others busy schedules. Giphy. Squeeze in little moments together. Giphy. Make small gestures of appreciation. Giphy.7 Aug 2018

How do you deal with a break up before going to college?

You, too, can learn if and how to end your high school relationship before leaving for college, with these simple steps.FIGURE OUT IF YOU WANT OUT. FIGURE OUT WHERE TO BREAK UP. DONT LET BARGAINING, BEGGING, OR BULLYING EXTEND THE RELATIONSHIP. DONT IMMEDIATELY LET THE WORLD KNOW VIA STATUS UPDATE.More items •28 Jul 2014

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