Question: Who are the Women aka has dated in South Africa?

Who is AKA ex girlfriend?

AKA (rapper)QUICK FACTSBirth Name:Kiernan Jordan ForbesEx-Girl Friend:DJ Zinhle, Bonang MathebaChildren:Kairo Owethu ForbesParents:Lynn Forbes (Mother)7 more rows

Is AKA married to DJ zinhle?

Personal life. DJ Zinhle was in an on and off relationship with South African rapper AKA, until their split in January 2020. She and AKA have a child named Kairo Owethu Forbes.

Who is AKAs daughter?

Kairo Owethu Forbes AKA/Daughters

What happened AKA girlfriend?

Tembe fell to her death from the 10th floor of Cape Town Pepperclub Hotel in the early hours of 11 April. She was 22 years old. Forbes gave his version of the events, saying he had a gig in Cape Town that fateful weekend and had travelled with Tembe, as they had done before.

Who are AKAs parents?

Lynn Forbes AKA/Parents

Who has a child with AKA?

Kairo Owethu Forbes AKA/Children

Who are Akas parents?

Lynn Forbes AKA/Parents

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