Question: What reality shows come on VH1?

What shows are currently on VH1?

CurrentTitlePremiere dateCurrent seasonMartha & Snoops Potluck Dinner PartyNovember 7, 20163RuPauls Drag RaceMarch 24, 201713Love & Hip Hop: MiamiJanuary 1, 20183RuPauls Drag Race All StarsJanuary 25, 2018517 more rows

What is MTVs highest rated show?

MTVs most popular showsTotal Request Live Jackass Credit: AP / CHRIS PIZZELLO. The Osbournes Credit: MTV. Punkd Credit: MTV. Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Credit: MTV / Michael Muller. The Hills Credit: MTV / Jeff Lipsky. Jersey Shore Credit: MTV. Teen Wolf Credit: MTV / Dewey Nicks.More items

What is the first reality show on MTV?

The Real World 21-May-1992 MTV brought reality television into the mainstream with the premiere of “The Real World,” a reality based soap opera. The series followed three months in the lives of seven young adults who meet for the first time and live in a New York City loft together.

When did VH1 stop?

VH1ProgrammingLaunchedJanuary 1, 1985ReplacedCable Music ChannelFormer namesVH-1/VH-1: Video Hits One 1985–1994 VH1: Music First 1994–2003Links21 more rows

What channel is VH1 on cable?

115 Cable Television Channel LineupChannelNetwork112AMC113Discovery Channel114TLC115VH1235 more rows

Is MTV Unplugged free?

This will give you free access to MTV Live for 24 hours. The press release includes that MTV Unplugged offers a “front-row seat to never-before-seen versions of the groups most career-defining hits and songs from their latest album BE (Essential Edition), in intimate settings.”

How long does MTV Unplugged last?

60 minutes MTV UnpluggedRunning time60 minutesDistributorMTV NetworksReleaseOriginal networkMTV MTV Live6 more rows

What reality show means?

noun. a television show in which members of the public or celebrities are filmed living their everyday lives or undertaking specific challenges.

Is there still a VH1 channel?

VH1 (originally an initialism of Video Hits One) is an American basic cable television network based in New York City and owned by ViacomCBS.

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