Question: Which is the first Netflix series in Australia?

We set out to launch Tidelands in Australia - the first Netflix Original produced Down Under. We wanted to drive conversation and anticipation around the show as the must-see series that year, while breaking out the cast as the new actors to watch both in Australia and globally.

What are Netflix Top 5 original series?

The 15 absolute best original series on NetflixAstronomy Club. GLOW. Unorthodox. Never Have I Ever. Santa Clarita Diet. The Crown. Sex Education. Stranger Things.More items •Aug 14, 2021

The 13 Most Watched Netflix Original SeriesSweet Tooth | 60 million. The Queens Gambit | 62 million. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness | 64 million. Stranger Things S3 | 64 million. Money Heist S4 (in Spanish) | 65 million. Lupin S1 (in French) | 70 million. The Witcher S1 | 76 million. Bridgerton S1 | 82 million.More items •Aug 22, 2021

What is the Top 10 list on Netflix?

Weve reviewed todays Top 10 so you can choose what to watch on Netflix wisely.Lucifer Photo: Netflix. Kate Photo: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX. Clickbait Photo: BEN KING/NETFLIX. Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX. Prey Photo: ANKE_NEUGEBAUER. Cocomelon Manifest An Unfinished LifeMore items •3 days ago

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