Question: What is the meaning of Ahava?

The name Ahava is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Love. Biblical river.

What is the meaning of Ahava in the Bible?

In the Hebrew, love is connected directly with action and obedience. Strongs Exhaustive Dictionary defines ahava as to have affection, sexually or otherwise, love, like, to befriend, to be intimate. It brings to mind the idea of longing for or breathing for another.

Is Ahava a biblical name?

Ahava (Bible), name of a biblical canal or river mentioned in the Book of Ezra.

What language is Ahava?

The Hebrew word for Love is Ahava (Ah-ha-vah.)

What is the Hebrew word for love in the Bible?

The closest Hebrew word is Ahava. The New Testament actually uses the Greek word agape. It means unconditional or sacrificial love and has everything to do with the giver. This word for love, agape, is the same word that the Apostle John used when he wrote, God is love.

What is God called in Hebrew?

YHWH The Name YHWH. Gods name in the Hebrew Bible is sometimes elohim, “God.” But in the vast majority of cases, God has another name: YHWH.

What does Ahuvi mean in Hebrew?

Literally, beloved is the most common. Masculine - ahuv -אהובfeminine - ahuva - אהובה My love is ahuvi אהובי and ahuvati אהובתי respectively. There is another word meahev מאהב (femenine meahevet מאהבת) which means lover, but is less common when talking about ones own lover.

What does Ahava Shalom mean?

Peace, Love & Shalom, Ahava & Simcha // Peace, Love & Joy | Jewish quotes, Hebrew words, Learn hebrew.

What does Achi mean in Hebrew?

my brother Achi/Gever – The two most common ways Israeli guys greet each other, whether they are strangers or close friends. The former means “my brother”, and the latter is akin to “mate” or “dude”.

What does Laila Tov mean?

Good morning Boker tov / layla tov (Good morning / night)

How do you say I love you to a woman in Hebrew?

Say I love you. For a female speaking to a male: Ani ohevet otcha (ah-nee oh-hev-et ot-kha) For a male speaking to a female: Ani ohev otach (ah-nee oh-hev ot-akh) For a female speaking to a female: Ani ohevet otach (ah-nee oh-hev-et ot-akh)

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