Question: How do you catch HIV?

Contact between broken skin, wounds, or mucous membranes and HIV-infected blood or blood-contaminated body fluids. Deep, open-mouth kissing if both partners have sores or bleeding gums and blood from the HIV-positive partner gets into the bloodstream of the HIV-negative partner. HIV is not spread through saliva.

Is it easy to catch HIV?

HIV is not passed on easily from one person to another. The virus does not spread through the air like cold and flu viruses. HIV lives in the blood and in some body fluids. To get HIV, 1 of these fluids from someone with HIV has to get into your blood.

What are the chances of catching HIV?

Key pointsActivityRisk-per-exposureVaginal sex, male-to-female, no condom0.08% (1 in 1234)Vaginal sex, male-to-female, no condom, undetectable viral load0%Receptive anal sex, no condom1.38% (1 in 72)Receptive anal sex, no condom, undetectable viral load0%10 more rows•15 May 2020

How is HIV caused?

HIV infection is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. You can get HIV from contact with infected blood, semen, or vaginal fluids. Most people get the virus by having unprotected sex with someone who has HIV. Another common way of getting it is by sharing drug needles with someone who is infected with HIV.

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