Question: Which is the best club to go to in Delhi?

How expensive is Delhi clubbing?

The place offers strict security and pleasing service too. Club Pangaea A must-visit place for Saturday night clubbing to experience the rocking Delhi party scene, the Club Pangaea at the Ashok is known as the Rich Mans Club as a luxurious table at nightclub can cost you a whopping INR 4 lakh.

Do you have to pay to enter a nightclub?

The cost of entry to a club can vary from nothing (free admission) to as much as £15-£20 depending on the venue, the night of the week. Depending on what night of the week it is and how popular the event is, queuing to pay at the door may take no time, 10 minutes, or even an hour or longer.

How do I get into club entry?

You can get on the hosts guest list by filling a guestlist entry form on their website. You can also lookup their Facebook page and request a spot on the guestlist. Club Guestlist: If you know someone at the club itself, then its really easy to get in. Just ask the person to put your name on the clubs guest list.

What is a stag girl?

Go unaccompanied by a person of the opposite sex to a social event, as in John decided to go stag to his roommates party, or Some of the girls are going stag to the dance. Although this term originally applied only to men attending an event without a woman companion, it is now applied to women as well. [

How do you get into clubs for free?

7 Ways To Get Into Clubs Without PayingKnow the doormen, cashier or a member of the bar staff – If one of your friends works there, its usually easy to get a free pass. Get on the promoters guest list – Promoters are always looking for people to do little tasks for them in return for guest list freebies.More items •1 Dec 2011

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